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Cat Window Perch - The Sunning Lounge

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A truly elevated experience for your cats! With easy installation on any window this modern style cat window hammock provides a fantastic lounge with a view - great for keeping an eye on what's going on outside, while relaxing and lazing in the sun! 

FREE GIFT: a soft and cuddly blanket included as a bonus with every hammock purchase

  • Durable steel suspension wire and extra-strong suction cups, when properly installed, provide long-lasting hold and can bear up to 40 lbs weight
  • Can be used on other smooth glossy surfaces, such as tiles, mirrors, etc.
  • Great space-saving solution, giving an extra sleeping spot for your cat where a usual on-the-floor bed wouldn't fit
  • Size: bed length x width - 21.6" x 13.7", steel wire length 22"

See video below for installation instructions:

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